Tax Form ToolBox

Welcome to our Tax Form ToolBox. Here you will find some of our standard Accounting and Tax Preparation forms to keep you on the right track during the tax year. Just click here to see the toolbox that can help you understand your complete financial picture.

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Business Forms

Below are general business forms available for your use.  Click on the form to download a .pdf file.

2023 Blank Tax Organizer

New Client Questionnaire

Documentation Needed to complete Paycheck Protection Application

Paycheck Protection Program Application-3.30.2020

 Retirement Plan Considerations related to the CARES Act

Unemployment for Self Employed & Contract Workers

Small Business Owners Guide to the CARES Act final

Family & Sick Leave Bill Passed 03.18.2020

Tax Article on Bill Passed March 27.2020

Full Tax Bill March 27.2020

Rental Worksheet

Sch C Business Worksheet

Vehicle Worksheet

Privacy Statement

Valuation guide for Goodwill Donations

Business Use of Home Worksheet


Below are podcasts of the AM 1500 radio show, Cover Your Assets, where Arlyce Cleveland has been on discussing important tax and financial information:

Saturday January 20: Tax Law Updates & How They Will Affect You

Saturday August 19: How to Turn Those Personal Expenses Into Business Deductions

Saturday August 12: How to Successfully Start & Maintain Your Small Business

Saturday August 5: Social Security & Retirement

Client Letters

Below are past letters that have been sent out through Arlyce Cleveland, Ltd. for your reference:

2016 Client Tax Letter